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According to Wikipedia, a lawyer is a jurist who often is a member of a national bar association and who as his or her profession provides legal consultation and other legal services or assists clients in court, or engage in both those activities.


mediation custody

Mediation in custody goals.- advokatbyrå Juristdomänen

Before 2006, mediation in custody cases were only possible in disputes concerning enforcement. In 2002, a custody committee was appointed, which thought that solutions in consensus should be sought to a greater extent and that mediation efforts should be taken into an earlier stage of the process. On 1 July 2006, chapter six section 18 a of the Parental Code were introduced, and through this change of law it became possible to appoint a mediator in custody goals.


Derecho de sucesiones sueco

The Swedish law of succession.

The law of succession has its background in a society consisting largely of freehold farmers, where land ownership was of crucial importance for a person's economic and social status. The thing people therefore wanted to protect and preserve within the family was in particular the real property. The real property was probably considered as joint of the family and the will of the individual was of secondary importance. In order to effectively preserve the land within the family, it was the men who were inherited in the first place.